'Twas a Glad Day When Jesus Found Me

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Someone's Last Call
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Come, O come to the blessèd Savior.
List, O list to His loving call.
Offering pardon, pardon from sin to all;
O come, He gives pardon from sin to all, to all.


Come, come to Jesus,
Come ere this moment takes flight;
It may be now someone’s last call, last call tonight.

Deep, deep deep in the heart there whispers
God’s own voice to each wayward child;
Heed it! O heed it! Be no more sin beguiled,
O heed His voice, be now no more beguiled, beguiled.


Long, long, long have you tried to stifle
Yearnings sweet to a life more pure;
Quench them no longer, but in God rest secure;
O strive no more, but in God rest secure, secure.


Now, now, now as the Spirit stirs you,
Harden not your fast melting heart;
Take, take salvation, else shall your chance depart;
O take it now, else shall your chance depart, depart.



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