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  1. Someday, when God�s sweet Spirit,
    So loving and so true,
    Has taken flight forever,
    And calls no more for you,
    You�ll see your sin and folly,
    And moan in your despair,
    But heaven ne�er will open,
    Nor answer give your prayer.
  2. Someday, when death shall call you
    And claim you for its own�
    Behind you all is darkness,
    Ahead �tis drear and lone�
    If you�ve refused His mercy,
    No hopes of heav�n await;
    Your soul through endless ages
    Shall mourn your doom, �Too late.�
  3. Someday, when God�s fierce anger
    Falls on this world of sin,
    You�ll knock as did the virgins,
    But cannot enter in;
    Ah, then, with bitter weeping,
    From those fair gates of light
    You�ll go with other doomed ones,
    Down to an awful night.
  4. Someday�yes, when forever
    The mercy door is closed,
    And your lost soul must suffer
    Amid eternal woes�
    In bitter grief and anguish
    You�ll think upon the day,
    When trifling with God�s mercy,
    You careless said, �Someday.�


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