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Sin Can Never Enter There

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  1. Heaven is a holy place,
    Filled with glory and with grace�
    Sin can never enter there;
    All within its gates are pure,
    From defilement kept secure�
    Sin can never enter there.
    • Refrain:
      Sin can never enter there,
      Sin can never enter there;
      So if at the judgment bar
      Sinful spots your soul shall mar,
      You can never enter there.
  2. If you hope to dwell at last,
    When your life on earth is past,
    In that home so bright and fair,
    You must here be cleansed from sin,
    Have the life of Christ within�
    Sin can never enter there.
  3. You may live in sin below,
    Heaven�s grace refuse to know,
    But you cannot enter there;
    It will stop you at the door,
    Bar you out forevermore�
    Sin can never enter there.
  4. If you cling to sin till death,
    When you draw your latest breath,
    You will sink in dark despair
    To the regions of the lost,
    Thus to prove at awful cost,
    Sin can never enter there.


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