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Shine In His Name



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When clouds hang low, and dark thy path,
Then trust and know they�ll lift at last;
Whate�er the load, then look to God,
Though long the road, e�er onward plod.


Shine through the sunshine,
Shine through the rain;
Shine through the shadows,
Shine through your pain;
Shine in the darkness,
The victory gain;
Shine in your trials,
Shine in His Name.

With grace bear wrong, that Christ may reign;
Then lift a song, shine in His Name;
Then shine for Him who died for you;
The victory win, He�ll see you through.


Then God be praised, your �faith made sight,�
The banner raised, �God�s love and light�;
And from the heart will come the song,
That God made right to come from wrong.