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Salvation! O mysterious plan

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1. Salvation! O Mysterious Plan
Nor saints, nor angels ever can
Unfold the love of God to man,
The boundless love of Jesus;
On Calv'ry's scene I wond'ring gaze,
And raise to heav'n the voice of praise,
But O how faint are mortal lays,
To speak the love of Jesus!

2. The deeds that wondrous grace performs,
Can ne'er be told by mortal worms;
Assist my song, ye heav'nly forms,
To praise the name of Jesus.
Let heav'n and earth the tidings spread;
The Savior died and left the dead;
For sinful man he groaned and bled,
And from destruction freed us.

3. How welcome is this blissful sound
To guilty souls in fetters bound!
'Twas in this state myself I found,
And feared Jehovah's ire;
Beneath the sword of justice slain,
And sinking down to endless pain,
Or burn in quenchless fire.

4. Trembling I fell beneath His eye,
And raised to heav'n the ardent cry;
O' Jesus! Save I sink I die
O hasten to deliver!
Sweet beams of mercy, love and grace,
O'erspread His charming, smiling face;
My soul received the kind embrace
That seals me His forever.


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