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Saint's Reward

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  1. Life on earth is but a vapor,
    Soon we�ll lay these bodies down;
    But if we continue faithful,
    We shall wear the victor�s crown�
    Brighter than the stars of heaven,
    Brighter than the dazzling sun,
    We shall shine among the ransomed,
    When our work on earth is done.
  2. We shall not abide forever
    In this gloomy vale of tears,
    For our life shall, at the longest,
    Only last a few short years;
    Then we�ll fly away to glory,
    At our Father�s own right hand,
    Help to sing redemption�s story
    With the blood-washed angel band.
  3. I would not give up my title
    To that future world of bliss
    For the shining gold and silver
    Of a thousand worlds like this;
    I would rather bear affliction,
    Be a hated pilgrim here,
    Miss the diadems terrestrial,
    And obtain a crown up there.
  4. Let us then be up and doing,
    We have but a few more days,
    Priceless souls of men to rescue
    From their dark and sinful ways;
    Courage, brother, work and suffer,
    Till this fleeting life is past;
    God will recompense our labors
    With a great reward at last.


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