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O my God, I Fear Thee

O my God, I fear Thee!
Thou art very high,
Yet to us, Thy children,
Thou art always nigh,
Far removed from mortal sight,
Dwelling in eternal light.

O my God, I fear Thee!
Yet I come in prayer,
For my Savior tells me
I need not despair;
Tells me of a Fathers love,
And a home prepared above.

Never earthly father
Loveth like to Thee;
Thou dost guide and pardon
Guilty ones like me;
Sending down Thy holy Son
That all sinners might be won.

O my God, I fear Thee!
Holy, just, and true;
But, my heavenly Father,
I will love Thee, too;
Guide me till this life be past,
Take me to Thyself at last.


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