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O have you not heard


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O have you not heard of that beautiful stream
That flows through our Father’s land?
Its waters gleam bright in the heavenly light,
And ripple o’er golden sand.


O seek that beautiful stream,
O seek that beautiful stream;
Its waters, so free, are flowing for thee,
O seek that beautiful stream.

Its fountains are deep and its waters are pure;
And sweet to the weary soul;
It flows from the throne of Jehovah alone!
O come where its bright waves roll.


This beautiful stream is the river of life!
It flows for all nations free!
A balm for each wound in its water is found;
O sinner, it flows for thee!


O will you not drink of this beautiful stream,
And dwell on its peaceful shore?
The Spirit says, “Come, all ye weary ones, home,
And wander in sin no more."


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