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O Church of God

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  1. The church of God one body is,
    One Spirit dwells within;
    And all her members are redeemed,
    And triumph over sin.
    • Refrain:
      O Church of God! I love thy courts,
      Thou mother of the free;
      Thou blessed home of all the saved,
      I dwell content in thee.
  2. Divinely built, divinely ruled,
    To God she doth submit;
    His will her law, His truth her guide,
    Her path is glory-lit.
  3. God sets her members each in place,
    According to His will—
    Apostles, prophets, teachers, all—
    His purpose to fulfill.
  4. Salvation is her holy walls,
    The cross her sign of pow’r;
    Her Captain is the mighty God,
    Who guards her every hour.
  5. In beauty stand, O Church of God,
    With righteousness arrayed;
    Put on thy strength and face thy foes
    With courage undismayed.


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