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Lord, I want to Be a Servant



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Lord I want to be a servant
Giving all my praise to you
Giving all I have to please you Lord
My heart makes pure and true

Lord I want to be a servant
Bring me closer to your will
Father all I want is to serve you more
Make me worthy to serve you still

Spoken Prayer:
Words come slow
When it comes to expressing
My true feelings of humility
My heart's desire to serve
But Lord you've done so much for me through the cross
I just want to give my life, my love
And all my heart back to you
And under the shadow of the cross
Let me hide myself and all that would
Shout out your glory
And allow me to see you
To know who you really are
So that someone else
Can see you through me

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Verse 2