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Looking on the Other Side



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When you kneel by the bed of a loved one to pray
And the storm clouds are gathered 'round (gathered 'round)
And there's no place to turn but to the Lord above
By faith you have to look beyond the clouds

Oh I'm looking (yes I'm looking) on the other side (on the other side)
Where with Jesus (with my Lord) I will abide (I will abide)
There's no trial (trial) or storm cloud (storm cloud) that can dim (dim) my eye
Oh I'm looking (yes I'm looking) on the other side

Then when Jesus comes down and He answers our prayers
And we want to shout His praises loud (praises loud)
There's no rain, there's no storm, there's just sun all around
For by faith we look beyond the clouds

Repeat Chorus

On that wonderful day when we say a Savior's face
And our nights are all turned to day (turned to day)
In the presence of our Lord we can sing "Amazing Grace"
For by faith we made it all the way

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Oh, I'm looking (yes I'm looking) on the other side (looking on the other side)