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Livin' the Life



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Sittin' in the pews with a frown (frown), where is God?
Sing but ain't happy, others lookin' on at your facade
Unless you're showin' how you feel
People will never know that He's real
So get up off your padding and declare
He's the Lord!

My Father is Lord

Livin' the life of a Christian to the full, yes
Sets an example to others that it's cool, aw yeah, yeah
People watchin' everyday, where you go and what you say
You got the look but not the Way, who ya gonna serve?

Repeat Chorus (with stepouts)

He is the Lord

Age is just an excuse yall, not a reason
Sharin' with others the truth, no decievin', no no, come on
Young and old all on the call, Satan pressed against the wall
Into line we all must fall, which way you gonna go?

Repeat Chorus

Follow the way of the Savior to the end, ah yeah
Knowing your life to the Father, He'll defend
Pretty notes and fancy things will not help you see our King
For God's call I'm listening, how about you?

Repeat Chorus

Do you believe He is the Lord?
I know that He's the Lord
He is the Lord
My Father is Lord