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Livin' Love



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Oh Lord, (I used to wonder why) I used to wonder why you didn't seem as obvious as you could be (you could be)
And Lord, (then I began) then I began to understand you called this heart of mine
To keep Your light (keep your light) shinin' right through me
Because You've given me this life that I'm unworthy of (I am not worthy of your love)
And even when I take a fall You hold me out of love for me (you hold me out)
Since my existence is a gift that I've been given (been given) from above

I'm livin' love (I'm living in love), I'm livin' with Jesus Christ (this is His Life)
Its only by His grace that I'm forgiven and free in love (forgiven in love)
I'm livin with in His light
And I understand this love I'm living because His love is livin' inside of me

(I often wonder why) I often wonder why I never seem as obvious as I could be (I could be)
To show (all of the world) all the of world that You've intended for this child of God (for this child)
To give the same love that You gave to me
I want everyone to know the love I've come to know (the love that I have come to know)
And even when my way was lost, You led me out of emptiness (led me out)
Since Your forgiveness was the peace that I'd been missin' (been missing) in my soul

Repeat Chorus

Oh no, I'm (I'm just a man) just a man
And I know I don't understand (don't understand)
So I'm placing this life in Your Almighty Hand (in Your hand)

Oh (It is an honor), I will consider it an honor representing You eternally
And Lord (I hope that You will understand), I hope that You will understand that when You call for me (I will try)
I'll try to do whatever You might need
Lord I want to give You everything for all my life (all my life)
Even when I start to doubt, I'll hold onto Your promises (I will hold)
I'll keep on servi'n to make sure my life's a livin' sacrifice

Repeat Chorus (x2)

(I understand) And I understand this love I'm living because His love is livin' inside of me