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Lets Be Christians Only



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Chorus 1:
Let's Be Christians, Christians only (only)
Serving Jesus, our only plea
If we'd all give up to the precious Son (to the Son)
We could all be one, that's what we need

Of all the people who follow Jesus
And try to please Him and do what's right
How we would profit if we'd remember
He prayed that we would all unite

Repeat Chorus 1

Just look around you at the churches
Who worship Jesus as Lord and King
With all their troubles and their divisions
I wish that we could hear them sing

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Let's Be Christians (let's be Christians), Christians only (only)
Serving Jesus (serving Jesus), our only plea (only plea)
If we'd all give up (if we'd give it all) to the precious Son (to the Son)
We could live as one (live as one), that's what we need (what we need)
We could all be one (we could live as one), that's what we need (that's what we need)