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Let Me See



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Imagine a scene in Heaven you know it's a sunny day
All the angel band together working to perfect their play
Then comes the announcement from way across the sea
It's another bithday everybody to your feet

Let me see, lemme see standin' at the edge of heaven
He pushes apart the clouds as the sun shines down
I wanna be, wanna be there with all the saints and angels
As heaven waits to see a child being born

While everybody's pushing to get a better view
Heaven seems to tilt a bit as the Holy Father rushes through
And on His loving face there grows a great big smile
The voices get real quiet now but just for a little while

Repeat Chorus

We read that there's rejoicing when a lost one finds his way
But do we start to think about that awesome party on that day
When all of those who gather with God to see the view
See the old man die, the sin wash off, and the child that is brand new

Repeat Chorus

It's island time now...
We're happy in the resurrection party
And at the table we have enough for plenty
And all the troubles from this life done long time passed
And we never thought we'd never run empty
So if you're tired of the life that you're livin'
Yes and you're sick of what you're partakin'
Well then come with me
Come party with your new family

Repeat Chorus (x2)