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I see mournful faces, I see long, hard looks
Is the Christian happy as he reaches for books
I see lonely people, I see poor and vain
Can a Christian touch them, are we all to blame?

Oh, I see big tall buildings, I see giant sparks
But in the shadow of them I see hell's sun fires
What we preach is useless if our lives don't show
Some of God's great love that has changed us so

Oh, Christian, Christian look around you quick
Is the answer in learning or in telling the sick
Change the world around you, don't complain and dispute
Make a way for Christ, He'll turn the tide in you (in you)

Does His life have meaning, does His word ring true?
We must never forget He died for others, too
If His life makes a difference, if His death touches you
We will have to serve Him far beyond the pew

Repeat Chorus