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Just one glimpse



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Just one glimpse of the glory waiting,
Just one note of the seraph�s song�
How it cheers the heart that�s breaking,
How it makes the spirit strong.
Just one touch of the seamless garment,
Just one clasp of the nail-pierced hand�
How it calms the fevered pulses,
How it helps the weak to stand.

Just one breath of the Holy Spirit,
Just one cry of the heart in prayer�
How it gives us joy in service,
How it lifts the load of care.
Just one line of the promise given,
Just one thought of the Friend so near�
How it lifts our hearts to Heaven,
How it seems to soothe and cheer.

Just one smile of the loving Savior,
Just one gleam of the dawning day�
How it makes the cross grow lighter,
How it speeds us on our way.
Just one word of our Lord�s appearing,
Just one glance at the white-robed throng�
How it thrills our heart with rapture,
How it wakes the sweetest song.

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