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Josephs Song



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My son, born a virgin birth, but still my son
My sweet boy, came down from heaven above but still my joy, my pride and joy
Some say I should be ashamed but I believe
The Spirit of my God, He did conceive

Look at me, I'm a carpenter with such responsibility
How can I ever lead the one who gave me my life, my very life
More worthy for this role I need to be
But now the God I love is in this boy and he needs me

I will always love you
And I'll do the best I can until our work on earth is done
Yes I will always (always) love you
And on the other side we'll meet again
My father and my son

Little child, my helpless, fragile boy so soft and mild
You'll grow strong, I wonder what you'll learn and what you know, what do you know
(Pull you close) I pull you close and hold you in my arms
(Through my eyes) You look right through my eyes into my heart

Repeat Chorus

I'll be there for you
I'll take care of you
I'll be there to hold you when the storms of life roll through
(I do) Promise, I do

Yes I'll be there for you (there)
Yes I'll take care of you (care)
Yes I'll be there (there) to lead you through the troubles you'll go through
My love is true, my love is true (true)

Repeat Chorus

My savior you're my son
My father and my son