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Jesus is the One



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Jesus is the one who saved my soul
He came to make a world of sinners whole (He came to make a world of sinners whole, sinners whole)
So if you are searching for a Savior, too (so if you are searching for Him too, Him too remember)
Remember Jesus gave Himself for you

Thinking about the wounded heart I could not hide
When I was hurting from the emptiness inside
I gave a chance for His sweet word to touch my soul
That's when He gave the greatest joy I'll ever know

Repeat Chorus

Thinking about the fruit of life I've come to know
The happy smile my weary face has come to glow
Well nothing else could change my life in this degree
So let me open up my heart for you to see

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Remember Jesus Gave Himself for you
Yes, for you (yes, for you)