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Jesus Comes, He Comes in Glory

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Jesus comes, He comes in glory,
Echoes through the ages hoary
Blessèd hope and thrilling story,
Hallelujah! Jesus comes!


Hope of all the ages past,
King of kings, He comes at last.
Up, ye saints of God awaking!
See the morning light is breaking!
Hallelujah! Jesus comes!

Jesus comes, the dead are waking,
Earth with mortal pangs is quaking;
Stars are falling, heavens shaking,
Hallelujah! Jesus comes!


Jesus comes, in clouds descending,
Sins restraining, sorrow ending,
Broken ties forever mending,
Hallelujah! Jesus comes!


Jesus comes, all things restoring,
Cry aloud, His grace imploring,
Bow the knee, the King adoring,
Hallelujah! Jesus comes!



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