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Jesus Blessed Jesus
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There’s One Who can comfort when all else fails,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus;
A Savior Who saves tho’ the foe assails,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus:
Once He traveled the way we go,
Felt the pangs of deceit and woe;
Who more perfectly then can know,
Than Jesus, blessèd Jesus?

He heareth the cry of the soul distressed,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus;
He healeth the wounded, He giveth rest,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus:
When from loved ones we’re called to part,
When the tears in our anguish start,
None can comfort the breaking heart,
Like Jesus, blessèd Jesus.

He never forsakes in the darkest hour,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus;
His arm is around us with keeping pow’r,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus:
When we enter the Shadowland,
When at Jordan we trembling stand,
He will meet us with outstretched hand,
This Jesus, blessèd Jesus.

What joy it will be when we see His face,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus;
Forever to sing of His love and grace,
Jesus, blessèd Jesus:
There at home on that shining shore,
With the loved ones gone on before,
We will praise Him forevermore,
Our Jesus, blessèd Jesus.


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