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I'm On the Winning Side



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  1. Along the way of life are many foes
    That daily war against my soul;
    But constant victory
    My Savior gives to me
    As I press on to the goal.
    • Refrain:
      On the winning side, I知 on the winning side,
      I知 on the winning side with Jesus;
      Though hot may be the fray,
      My soul can boldly say,
      I知 on the winning side with Jesus.
  2. The battle may be long and hard to win,
    And Satan痴 hosts may press me sore;
    But though I may be tried,
    I知 on the winning side,
    I shall triumph evermore.
  3. A multitude of warriors of the cross
    In serried ranks do bravely fight;
    They never shall retreat,
    Nor ever know defeat,
    They are winning for the right.
  4. With courage in my soul I値l do my part,
    For Jesus I will loyal stand;
    So on the winning side
    Triumphant I abide
    With the faithful, holy band.

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