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I'm Bound for the Land of Caanan



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I have started for a city on that bright eternal shore
Where the saints of God shall gather and live on forevermore
Tis a land of love and purity where my possessions lie
And I am bound for the land of Canaan when I die (when I die)

Oh yes Iím bound (bound for the land of Canaan)
For the land of Canaan (Canaan yes I am)
By the love and grace of God (love of God)
That city Iím gaininí (I am gaining ground)
Some happy day (some happy day)
With all the ransomed Iíll stand
And sing His praise way over in Canaanís happy land (happy land)

Oh the land of rest eternal where the living waters flow
Evíry day Iím one day nearer to its portals, this I know.
Some sweet morning Iíll be singing ďGlory, gloryĒ to the Lamb
For I am bound for the land of Canaan yes I am (yes I am)

Repeat Chorus (x2)