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I'll Be a Friend to Jesus



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  1. They tried my Lord and Master,
    With no one to defend;
    Within the halls of Pilate
    He stood without a friend.
    • Refrain:
      Ill be a friend to Jesus,
      My life for Him Ill spend;
      Ill be a friend to Jesus,
      Until my years shall end.
  2. The world may turn against Him,
    Ill love Him to the end,
    And while on earth Im living,
    My Lord shall have a friend.
  3. Ill do what He may bid me;
    Ill go where He may send;
    Ill try each flying moment
    To prove that Im His friend.
  4. To all who need a Savior,
    My Friend Ill recommend;
    Because He brought salvation,
    Is why I am His friend.

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