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If there were no God



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If there were no You
If there were no You

If there were no You
My songs would be in vain
If there were no You
My skies would all be gray
No hope of life could be found
And there would be no sight, no sound
There would be no love if there were no You

They question whether Jesus was God's Son
They even asked Him long ago with all that He had done
"Who gave you authority?"
"My Father who has sent me"
He gave His life and proved He was the one

Repeat Chorus

Now I've read where that stone was rolled away
The tomb was sealed and secured then on the third day
He is risen as He said
He's alive, no longer dead
Since He lives we rejoice and say

Repeat Chorus

For without You life would have no meaning
And without you I'd have never known
Amazing Grace was for a wretch like me
If there were no You, how could Heaven be my home

Repeat Chorus

I know that there would be no love if there were no You