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If God is Mine



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1. If God is Mine, Then Present Things
And things to come are mine;
Yea, Christ, His Word, and Spirit too,
And glory all divine.

2. If he is mine, then from His love
He ev'ry trouble sends;
All things are working for my good,
And bliss his rod attends.

3. If he is mine, I need not fear
The rage of earth and hell;
He will support my trembling hope,
Their utmost force repel.

4.If he is mine, let friends forsake,
Let wealth and honor flee
Sure he who giveth me Himself,
Is more than wealth to me.

5. If he is mine, I'll boldly pass
Through death's tremendous vale;
He is a solid comfort when
All others comforts fail.

6. O, tell me, Lord! that thou are mine;
What can I wish beside?
My soul would at the fountain live,
When all the streams are dried.

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