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I Want Be Just like You



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He climbs in my lap for a goodnight hug
He calls me dad and I call him bug
Faded old pillow and a bear named pooh
He snuggles up close and says, "I wanna be like you"

I tuck him in bed and I kiss him goodnight
Trippin over the toys as I turn out the light
And I whisper a prayer that maybe someday hell see
Hes got a Father in God cause hes seen Jesus in me

Lord I want to be just like you 'cause he wants to be just like me
I want to be a holy example for his innocent eyes to see (learning from the father)
Help me be a living Bible, Lord that my little boy can read
I wanna be just like you 'cause he wants to be like me

Ive got to admit Ive got so far to go
Make so many mistakes and Im sure that you know
Sometimes it seems no matter how hard I try
With all the pressures in life, I just cant get it all right

But Im trying so hard to learn from the best
Being patient and kind filled with you tenderness
Cause I know that hell learn from the things that he sees
And the Jesus he finds will be the Jesus in me

Repeat Chorus

Right now from where he stands I may seem mighty tall
But its only cause Im learning from the best Father of them all

Repeat Chorus

I want to be just like you
'Cause he wants to be like me