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I Still don't Understand it



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You became a man
As part of a loving and perfect plan, you died
The earth turned to darkness, creation cried; You lived,
You arose from the grave, and the love You give to a man like me
Is so hard to comprehend

And I still don't understand it,
All the things that You've been through
And I still don't understand it,
All the things that You do
And I still don't understand it,
How You've taken me above.
And I still don't understand the things about Your love

With a broken heart (a broken heart),
You came here to give me a brand new start, You loved (You loved me),
Forsaken by all, You still remain a friend (You are my friend)
The example You gave and the life You lived leaves a man like me
No room to ever pretend (I can't pretend...)

Repeat Chorus

Your love, yeah,
Your love,
Your sweet love
Your love

Yes You came into this life,
Showed us how we were to live
To tell the world about Your precious Love
And You gave up Your life, saved the hopeless from their sins
To take us to Your home above

Repeat Chorus

Oh, Your love
Your love
All about, all about the things,
All about Your love!