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I Know the Love



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He loves me, I know He loves me (I know His love)
He loves me, I know He loves me (blessed love)

For the rain must fall
But that doesn't mean I let it pour over me
People look for bad
But that doesn't mean that's what I must choose to see
Too many times I've been blinded
By my feelings alone
But I know that I can always depend on the Lord
'Cause He's in control

For I know the love of my dear Father
I can go to Him when times get tough
In searching for strength there is no other
For I know His love and that's enough

So my wish for you
Is hoping you can see
What your life can be
For the love of God has made
All of the difference in life for me
There's so much more than the pain and strife
He wants to show you a better life
It's up to you, my friend
So give Him a chance (give Him one more chance, give Him a chance)

Repeat Chorus (with stepouts)

I'm a winner on patrol (and I'm for the Lord)
For a Savior who has come inside
And taken control
Still a sinner who has been sold (I've been sold)
To the love of one who will not let go

Repeat Chorus (with stepouts)

Repeat Chorus

For I know his love and that's enough
That's enough
I can go to Him (I can go to Him)
That's enough (I know His love)