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I Know My Savior is There



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When I'm heavy laden (laden), when my friends are gone (all gone)
When I'm all forsaken, when I'm left to walk alone (alone)
I'll just keep on smilin', (keep on) smilin' through my tears
(Because I) For I know my Saviour is there

I'll bear my burden (I will bear my burden), my load of care (and my load of care)
If He's before me (If He goes before me), I will go anywhere (I'll go anywhere)
Well many troubles all around me, I'll not despair (yet I'll not despair)
(Because I) For I know my Saviour is there

There's a rolling river (river), Jordan deep and wide (so wide)
But He will deliver safely to the other side (bright side)
But whate'er waits me, (I know) I'll be satisfied
(Because I) For I know my Saviour is there

Repeat Chorus (x2)