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I Know a Man



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Oh, well, ah yeah

I know a man (I know a man), His name is Jesus
He died for you and He died for me
He gave us a chance to be free
I know a man (I know a man), He said He won't forsake me
Whether times are up or times are down
My Savior He will be

Lookin' at old Peter walkin' on the water
Jesus reached down and He saved him from the sea
Later on in his life, he denied the Christ
All the failures he had known, he had the strength to keep on
Then one Sunday morning all the people gathered round
Peter got up in the pulpit, and they heard a mighty sound
When he said

Repeat Chorus

There's a precious woman headed for the well now
Jesus met her right there, He had so much to tell
Water's what you're wantin', life is what you're needin'
"Stop living in your sins, dear," is what you need to hear.
She left that jar of water in the place she stood
Others tried to calm her down y'all, but no one ever could.
And she said

Repeat Chorus

Take some time to listen to my final story
About a lame man layin' out by the pool
He had been there so long, things kept goin' wrong
Till my Jesus came by and looked him in the eye
It wasn't long till that man had himself a plan
Running to everybody yall, and telling about the healing Lamb
And he said

Repeat Chorus

He's da Man, He's da Man
Jesus Christ, He's da Man (Repeat x4)

He's the man yall (He's da man)
I know (He's da man)
He died for you (He's da man)
And He died for me (He's da man)
I know (He's da man)
He's gonna be there (He's da man)
One of these days (He's da man)
He's gonna set me free yall (He's da man)

Repeat Chorus

Ah yeah (Savior He will be) He loves you (Savior He will be) And my (Savior He will be)