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I heard a sound of voices
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I heard a sound of voices,
Around the great white throne,
With harpers harping on their harps
To Him that sat thereon:
Salvation, glory, honor!
I heard the song arise,
As through the courts of heaven it rolled
In wondrous harmonies.

From every clime and kindred,
And nations from afar,
As serried ranks returning home
In triumph from a war,
I heard the saints upraising,
The myriad hosts among,
In praise of Him Who died and lives,
Their one glad triumph song.

I saw the holy city,
The New Jerusalem,
Come down from Heavn, a bride adorned
With jeweled diadem;
The flood of crystal waters
Flowed down the golden street;
And nations brought their honors there,
And laid them at her feet.

And there no sun was needed,
Nor moon to shine by night,
Gods glory did enlighten all,
The Lamb Himself the Light;
And there His servants serve Him,
And, lifes long battle oer,
Enthroned with Him, their Savior King,
They reign forevermore.

O great and glorious vision,
The Lamb upon His throne!
O wondrous sight for man to see!
The Savior with His own;
To drink the living waters
And stand upon the shore,
Where neither sorrow, sin nor death
Shall enter ever more.

O Lamb of God Who reignest,
Thou bright and morning Star!
Whose glory lightens that new earth
Which now we see from far;
O worthy Judge eternal,
When Thou dost bid us come,
Then open wide the gates of pearl
And call Thy servants home.


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