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I Call Rejoice



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I remember the time (I remember the time) when in darkness I wondered (farther from home)
On the mountain of sin (on the mountain of sin) I had traveled so long (I had traveled so long)
Like the prodigal son (like the prodigal son) all my good I had squandered (sadly I roamed)
But the Savior came in (but the Savior came in) and He gave me a song (twas a beautiful song)

I can tell you now the time (I can tell you the time), I can take you to the place (I can show you the place)
Where the Lord saved me (where the Lord saved me) by His wonderful grace (by His wonderful grace)
But I can not tell you how (for I know not the how) and I can not tell you why (and I know not the why)
But He'll tell me all about it (He will tell me all about it) in the by and by (in the by and by)

I can never forget (I can never forget) when He spoke to me gently (follow thou me)
In the fountain of life (in the fountain of life) there's a balm for your soul (there's a balm for your soul)
So I heeded His voice (so I heeded His voice), He was speaking intently (glady I see)
Through His marvelous grace (through His marvelous grace) I am happy and whole (I am happy and whole)

Repeat Chorus