Avalon Lyrics

  1. A Maze of Grace

  2. Abundantly

  3. Adonai

  4. All

  5. Always Have, Always Will

  6. By Heart, By Soul

  7. Cant Live A Day

  8. Come and Fill My Heart

  9. Don't Be Afraid

  10. Dreams I Dream for You

  11. Far Away From Here

  12. First Love

  13. Forgive and Forget

  14. Give it Up

  15. Greatest Story

  16. Here to Deliver

  17. Hide My Soul

  18. I Bring It To You

  19. I Don't Want to Go

  20. I Wanna Be With You

  21. If My People Pray

  22. I'm Speechless

  23. In A Different Light

  24. In Not Of

  25. Jesus is Lord

  26. Knockin' on Heavens Door

  27. Let It Be Forever

  28. Let Your Love

  29. Love Remains

  30. Make it Last Forever

  31. Move

  32. Never Givin' Up

  33. Only For The Day

  34. Overjoyed

  35. Oxygen

  36. Picture Perfect World

  37. Reason Enough

  38. Renew Me

  39. Savior Love

  40. Speed of Life

  41. Take You at Your Word

  42. Testify to Love

  43. The Best Thing

  44. The Creed

  45. The Glory

  46. The Good Way

  47. This Love

  48. Undeniably You

  49. We are the reason

  50. Wonder Why

  51. World Away

  52. You Were There


Short Biography: In today's ever-changing musical landscape, there are fewer and fewer artists whose collective works can stand the test of time. But an eight-year career that has birthed five successful studio projects, a remix album, two RIAA-certified gold records, 20 Dove Award nominations, three Dove Awards (New Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for "Testify To Love," and Inspo song of the year for "Adonai"), two Grammy Award nominations, an American Music Award and no less that 17 No. 1 radio hits provides ample proof that Avalon has etched its own, well-earned place in the Christian music history books.

On the heels of their recent American Music Award win for 2002's Favorite Artist "Contemporary Inspirational Music, Avalon members Michael Passons, Janna Long, Jody McBrayer, and Melissa Greene, are releasing Testify To Love: The Very Best of Avalon. And while it's certainly a sampling of some of A
valon's best-loved songs, Testify To Love is not your typical greatest hits package. Not only is this a collection of some of Avalon's greatest songs, it's actually a collection of 12 No. 1 radio hits - an impressive accomplishment that puts Avalon in an elite group. Few artists (including the Beetles, Mariah Carey, and Elvis) have been able to compile an entire album of No. 1 singles.

"These songs are a timeline of the past eight years we've had together," says Michael. "It's fun to look back at these songs and remember each step of the way and how God has been faithful to us on the whole journey."

"Listening to each of these songs takes us back to a certain place in time," Jody agrees. "We can remember where we were when we recorded them, and what it was like working in the studio together. It's a reminder of how our friendships really grew deeper. it's all indelibly etched in our minds."

Along with favorites like "Adonai," "Give It Up," "The GLory," "Testify To Love," "Wonder Why," and "Always Have, Always Will" that spans Avalon's five previous studio projects, Testify To Love also features three brand new songs recorded specifically for this album. They are also the first studio cuts the group recorded with newest Avalon member Melissa Greene.

"Melissa is a very gifted singer," says Jana. "She's so professional, and she didn't miss a beat when she came into the group. We've all had a great time working with her."

Formerly with Truth, Melissa joined Avalon last September after Cherie Adams left to pursue a desire to speak at women's conferences. "It was so easy to come in and begin working with this group," Melissa shares. "They welcomes me with open arms and it really felt like I'd been here the whole time. They are all so talented, and I've been challenged by watching them, both on stage and in the studio."

Co-produced by Brown Bannister and Tedd T., the album's three new songs include the upbeat opener, "New Day," showcasing Janna's powerful vocals and a guitar-driven music bed; the funky, up-tempo "Pray," an edgy declaration that features lead vocals by Jody and Melissa; and the album's first radio single, "Everything to Me," a powerful ballad performed by Michael and Melissa.

Heading into the studio to record new songs was a bittersweet end to a year that brought sadness with last summer's untimely death of close friend and musical collaborator, Grant Cunningham. Cunningham played a major role in bringing Avalon together and helped form the group's musical identity through his A&R direction and songwriting contributions.

"Of all the people whose fingerprints will be on this record, Grant's will be the biggest," Jody shares. "He was really the fifth member of Avalon, and this record is just as much his as it is ours."

Janna adds, "So much of what we did was from Grant, through his writing and producing. In light of losing him this past year, I've had a lot of big life questions for God - questions I realize I may never have the answers to. It's been a growing and learning experience to just try to make sense of it all and to realize that it's okay if we don't understand it. God is going to work out what He wants to in all of us individually and in Avalon."

It's those kinds of life-changing experiences that have helped keep Avalon members close to each other as they've journeyed through the past eight years together. While Testify To Love is a retrospective look at a career filed with success and accolades, it's also a timeline that helps these four reflect on those things that are truly important in the grand scheme "family, friends, and faith."

"I think this album is very representative of who we are to each other," Jody says. "It really is kind of a new day with us as a family. God has really done some amazing things with us as people and has brought us closer than we've ever been."

"You can't know someone for this long and work so closely besides each other without getting to know one another more and more deeply," adds Michael. "I think we are constantly coming into a more intimate place with each other and that's what makes us stronger. It's probably why we are still around so many years later. It's not just a working relationship, it's family."







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