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Come as You are

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You are the reason
For blue in the sky
Yes, you are the reason why
Snow covers winter
And melts into spring
And rivers meet the sea

God is here for you
And you were made for him
He~ez_rsquo~ll give you more of everything
Cause he has always loved you
His promises are true, so true
If you

Come as you are
Don~ez_rsquo~t change a thing
Open your heart
He~ez_rsquo~ll walk right in
Come as you are
No alibis
His love for you
Will never die

There is a heaven
Open your eyes
And there you have no disguise
He~ez_rsquo~ll never leave you
No need to hide
He~ez_rsquo~s always by your side

If you just believe
There is a way you~ez_rsquo~ll see
It~ez_rsquo~s just one step to eternity
And he will always love you
This promise will be true, so true
If you

Repeat chorus


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