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My heart is longing  


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  1. Savior, now my heart is longing
    For Thy wondrous saving grace;
    Life has been a barren desert,
    While my sins have hid Thy face.
    Oft in anguish have I struggled,
    Fought the blighting pow�r of sin,
    But, o�ercome, cast down, and vanquished,
    In each conflict have I been.
    • Refrain:
      Savior, take my troubled spirit,
      Long by sin oppressed;
      In Thy mercy soothe and cheer it,
      Give me peace and rest.
  2. Savior, now my heart is longing
    From this burden to be free;
    Break, oh, break these galling fetters
    That so long have pinioned me.
    Let the sunshine of Thy presence
    Banish all my gloom away,
    Make this moment the beginning
    Of a new and brighter day.
  3. Savior, now my heart is longing
    For the rest and peace and love
    Thou canst send in great abundance
    On me from Thy throne above.
    I am weary, sad, and lonely,
    I have wandered far from Thee;
    But I come, I come repenting,
    Lord, have mercy now on me.
  4. Savior, now my heart is longing,
    Thirsting for the rich supply
    Of Thy grace, which, freely given,
    All my soul can satisfy.
    Come, oh, come with Thy sweet favor;
    Waits my eager heart for Thee;
    Then, enfolded in Thy glory,
    Let me rest eternally.
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