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My dearest friend  


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  1. My dearest friend is Jesus,
    On Him I do depend;
    He says He will be with me,
    Until my journey�s end.
    • Refrain:
      Get in touch with God, my brother,
      Get in touch with God, I pray;
      Keep in touch with God, my brother,
      And walk this narrow way.
  2. I know I�ve many trials,
    They come from every hand;
    I find God�s grace sufficient,
    I know He�ll make me stand.
  3. I�ve found a precious promise,
    Which comforts me today:
    �Tis the promise of the Spirit,
    To guide me all the way.
  4. Lord, give me holy wisdom,
    To walk this narrow way,
    And lead me by Thy Spirit,
    That I go not astray.
  5. I know I love my Savior,
    I know that He loves me,
    And now we walk together,
    Because we can agree.
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