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Morning Worship  


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  1. In the dawning of the morning,
    How our hearts with praises swell,
    When we think of God�s great goodness,
    Which we here with rapture tell.
    Oh, we love Him and adore Him�
    Worship Him in song and prayer�
    As we humbly wait before Him,
    We His righteousness declare.
    • Refrain:
      Oh, praise the Lord for His grace and truth,
      For the peace we have today,
      For the light that gleams like morning beams,
      All along the holy way!
  2. As the silent shades of darkness
    Lift their veil from o�er the skies,
    See the orb of day, refulgent
    In His glowing splendor, rise.
    So our night of sin is over,
    Past are all our mourning days:
    For the light of full salvation,
    Lord, accept our grateful praise.
  3. Start the wave of music rolling
    On the softly floating breeze;
    Join the feathered songsters� warble,
    As they sing among the trees.
    Wake the song of inspiration,
    Ere we cross the vale of death;
    Laud His name in all creation,
    Every creature having breath.
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