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Make me clean  


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  1. I have wandered in sin, and my soul is defiled,
    But I know Jesus died on the tree;
    And the Father in mercy will make me His child,
    For the blood, it will cleanse even me.
    • Refrain:
      Make me clean, make me clean,
      Though defiled and so sinful I am;
      Make me clean, make me clean,
      Make me clean in the blood of the Lamb.
  2. Lord, I give up my sin, and I turn unto Thee,
    From Thy love do not cast me away;
    Though my guilt is so great, hear my heart�s earnest plea�
    Have compassion, and save me today.
  3. There�s no hope but in Thee; to Thy promise I flee,
    There to anchor my storm-driven soul;
    Let Thy favor and love be extended to me,
    Through the all-cleansing blood make me whole.
  4. How I loathe all the sins that have burdened my heart,
    And have filled it with sadness and woe,
    Now in Calvary�s stream bid uncleanness depart,
    Make me whiter, yes, whiter than snow.
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