Be Not Afraid

�Be not afraid, �tis I, �tis I,
Though the storm rages wild;
In thy sore need I�m passing by,
Off�ring to help thee, hear thy cry�
Be of good cheer, My child.�

�Be not afraid, �tis I,
Be not afraid, �tis I�;
Though wild winds blowing,
My bark o�erflowing,
God rules in earth and sky:
�Be not afraid, �tis I,
Be not afraid, �tis I�;
The storm can�t harm my trusting soul,
For Jesus walks the waves that roll;
His voice I hear, which calms my fear,
� �Tis I, be not afraid.�

Be not afraid, �mid pressing foes,
Jesus is watching near;
He all thy deepest sorrow knows,
Walked every step thy pathway goes;
Trust Him, then; do not fear.

Be not afraid, He knows thy heart,
And He doth care for thee;
Of all thy grief He shares a part,
Stands by thy side, He�ll not depart,
If thou wilt faithful be.

Be not afraid, O helpless one,
Trust in His boundless grace;
Say from the heart, �Thy will be done,
Finish the work Thou hast begun,
Bring me to see Thy face.�

Words: Barney E Warren (1911)


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