Be our chief guest Lord


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Be our chief guest, Lord,
Lord of all living,
Lord of all loving,
This wedding day:
Bind us together
In your sure keeping,
So we may never
Wander away.

Bless all who have brought us
Up from our childhood,
Caring, forgiving,
Through the long day:
May the same spirit
Shine in our home, Lord,
Lighting our pathway,
We humbly pray.

Bless all our friends, Lord,
Happy and true friends,
Laughing or crying,
Always the same:
Bright with this friendship,
May our own home be
Ready to welcome
All in your name.

Be our chief guest, Lord,
Lord of all living,
Warm with compassion
Showing the way:
Keep us together
In loving service,
Families and friends, Lord,
This wedding day.

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