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Quiet, Quiet

Words: Matt Lusk � 1999 Mackrover Songs

Chorus 1:
Quiet, quiet, He is speaking
Quiet, quiet, can you hear Him calling?
Quiet, quiet, His voice so softly
Quiet, quiet, trust me, trust me

Can you hear Him, hear Him saying my child, my child
Hear Him, hear Him urging you to stop your sinning
Hear Him, hear Him, He is waiting, praying
Hear Him, hear Him saying come back home

Chorus 2:
Don�t you know He will never give up on you
Even if you give up on Him (He won't give up)
He�ll forever be there with His tender loving care
He will always take you back in

He is pleading (He, He is pleading), follow, follow
He is pleading (He, He is pleading), turn away, turn away
He is pleading (He, He is pleading) saying �I am The Way and The Truth and The Life
You need look no further it�s I that you seek"

Don�t you know (don't you know), Don't you know (don't you know)

Repeat Chorus 2 (x2)

He will always take you back in

Repeat Chorus 1

Quiet, quiet


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