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The Prodigal Son

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Out in the wilderness wild and drear,
Sadly Iíve wandered for many a year,
Driven by hunger and filled with fear,
I will arise and go;
Backward with sorrow my steps to trace,
Seeking my heavenly Fatherís face,
Willing to take but a servantís place,
I will arise and go.

Back to my Father and home,
Back to my Father and home,
I will arise and go
Back to my Father and home.

Why should I perish in dark despair,
Here where thereís no one to help or care,
When there is shelter and food to spare?
I will arise and go;
Deeply repenting the wrong Iíve done,
Worthy no more to be called a son,
Hoping my Father His child may own,
I will arise and go.


Sweet are the memories that come to me,
Faces of loved ones again I see,
Visions of home where I used to be,
I will arise and go;
Others have gone who had wandered, too,
They were forgiven, were clothed anew,
Why should I linger with home in view?
I will arise and go.


O that I never had gone astray!
Life was all radiant with hope one day,
Now all its treasures Iíve thrown away,
Yet Iíll arise and go;
Something is saying, ďGod loves you still,
Thoí you have treated His love so ill,"
I must not wait, for the night grows chill,
I will arise and go.



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