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When I was down in Egypt land
I saw his face and man I ran
I could tell there was no love in that man
O Pharoah a wicked evil man
He had a heart as cold as ice
He could have changed but he never did try
So God let it grow it got colder than snow
Pharoah he was a wicked evil man

Pharoah a wicked man
O Pharoah a wicked evil man
When I was down in Egypt land
Pharoah a wicked evil man

When Moses turned the water of the Nile to blood
Pharoah should've realized the hole that he dug
Cause in came the frogs, the gnats, and the flies
But Pharoah just kept tellin' Moses lies
Well death to the livestock, boils, and hail
Locust, darkness, and the first born wail
Pharoah he finally couldn't take anymore (couldn't take anymore)
He said: get your crazy people and head out the door

Repeat Chorus

Moses and the people they booked it out
And Pharoah he started to have his doubts
What have we done we've let those Israelites go
Now no one is serving us Oh No!
So all of Pharoahs horses and all their men
Jumped in their chariots and chased after them
And all of God's people so faithful and brave said:
Moses why'd you bring us here to dig our grave?
So Moses stretched his hand out over the sea
And God made a path so that they could be free
When Pharoah and his army were close to the shore
The waters came down . . .
And Egypt knew God was Lord!

Repeat Chorus

Pharoah a wicked evil man
Pharoah now let my people go (home)


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