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Papa Tell me a Story

I love the story (I love the story) pappa done told me (pappa done told me)
Read it in the Bible (read it in the Bible) all of my days (yes all of my days)
Moses on the mountain (Moses on the mountain), Moses in the desert (Moses in the desert)
Lead my people (lead my people) out of that land (yes out of that land)

Pappa tell a story (pappa tell a story), mamma read the Bible (mamma read the Bible)
Preacher preach about it (gonna keep preaching) all of my days (yes all of my days)
Gather in the children (gather in the children), pappa's got a story (pappa's got a story)
I'm going to sing it, shout it, tell it all of my days (yes all of my days)

Going down to Egypt (going down to Egypt) after my people (after my people)
Tell King Pharaoh (tell King Pharaoh) let my people go (let my people go)
If he don't listen (if he don't listen), he'll be sorry (he'll be sorry)
Frogs and flies (and the big hailstones) I'm gonna to let go (I'm gonna to let go)

Repeat Chorus

Come and listen children (come and listen children), listen to the story (listen to the story)
Listen to the wheels (listen to the wheels) of the chariots roll (of the chariots roll)
Open up the waters (open up the waters), run my children (run my children)
Then let the waters (pour right over) King Pharaoh (King Pharaoh)

Repeat Chorus

I'm going to sing it, shout it, tell it all of my days (yes all of my days)


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