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My Love wont die

Oh, my love won't die
Yeah, yeah, yeah
As endless as the sea of stars that shine so bright
(My love for You won't end) My love for You won't die
What we share is a miracle, a pure delight
(I'll never let You go) Our love won't be denied
As the spring dawns a new day, our love's fresh and new
It simply can't be explained
I've never known love like this,
I want it to be like this

(My love won't die) No, my love won't die
(It's burning inside) Burning
(My love's alive) So alive
(My love won't die)

My emotions for You aren't a temporary thing
(It is a lasting love) The kind you find in dreams (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
My heart is pulsing, how can this be true?
(It must be destiny) That we were meant to be
Just to be with You is all I ever need (All I need)
Nothing more, nothing less (nothing less)
Ever since we first met, (Ever since we first met)
I haven't had one regret (I haven't had one regret about You)

(My love won't die) I don't believe, I don't believe that it will ever die
(It's burning inside) Oh I feel it burning
(My love's alive) So alive forevermore
(My love won't die) It won't die

All because, All because (All because the precious life You gave to me)
That I've found more and more and more (Strength and love to give right back to You)
Well I'm holdin' on (I'm holdin' on), onto Your arms (onto Your arms)
Your touch is ever, ever so strong,
There's nothing that can tear me away from Your love (Tear me away from Your love)

(My love won't die) Oh, it's a neverending love, oh yeah
(It's burning inside) It's a-burnin', yeah
(My love's alive)
(My love won't die)

All because of You I now know the meaning of (A special kind of love)
A one-in-a-million
It is real, it's a gift, it's a higher love
That takes me way beyond the clouds above (Way beyond the clouds above)

(My love won't die) Never gonna die
(It's burning inside) What we share is a miracle, yes it is
(My love's alive) Oh, I feel it so alive
(My love won't die) No, never gonna die

(My love won't die) Never, never, never gonna die
(It's burning inside) Hey, and it's all because of You
(My love's alive) It must be destiny
(My love won't die)


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