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My heart says amen  


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  1. I have yielded myself to Thy service,
    And Thy presence my bosom doth fill;
    O my Savior, I haste to obey Thee,
    And my heart says amen to Thy will.
    • Refrain:
      Yes, my heart says amen to Thy will, Lord,
      And I know that Thou lovest me still;
      While I bow low in humble submission,
      And my heart says amen to Thy will.
  2. All the heart-ties of earth my be sundered,
    So that I may Thy purpose fulfill;
    Help me gladly submit and not murmur,
    Ever saying amen to Thy will.
  3. Though my plans and my hopes may seem blighted,
    I will love Thee and trust in Thee still;
    For I know all is well that Thou doest,
    And my heart says amen to Thy will.
  4. When I pass to that heavenly country,
    And my soul with its glory doth thrill;
    This forever shall be my rejoicing,
    That my heart said amen to Thy will.
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