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Mount Zion  


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  1. Have you walked about Mount Zion?
    �Round her towers great and tall?
    Have you seen her mighty bulwarks,
    Have you seen her shining walls?
    • Refrain:
      Walk about Mount Zion, brother,
      See the Bride in spotless white;
      With her name enrolled in heaven,
      She is walking in the light.
  2. See her palaces so lovely,
    Shining forth in splendor bright;
    In the City of the ransomed,
    Where there never comes the night.
  3. Yes, the City hath foundations,
    She is built upon the Rock;
    She has stood the howling tempest,
    And will stand the judgment shock.
  4. No storm clouds shall gather o�er it,
    Neither cast a shadow there,
    Jesus is the Light forever
    In that City bright and fair.
  5. This fair City is Mount Zion,
    �Tis the New Jerusalem;
    �Tis the Church of God, He bought her,
    She�s the fair Bride of the Lamb.
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