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Mother's prayers have followed me


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  1. I grieved my Lord from day to day,
    I scorned His love so full and free,
    And though I wandered far away,
    My motherís prayers have followed me.
    • Refrain:
      Iím coming home, Iím coming home,
      To live my wasted life anew,
      For motherís prayers have followed me,
      Have followed me the whole world through.
  2. Oíer desert wild, oíer mountain high,
    A wanderer I chose to be;
    A wretched soul, condemned to die,
    Still motherís prayers have followed me.
  3. He turned my darkness into light,
    This blessed Christ of Calvary!
    Iíll praise His name both day and night,
    That motherís prayers have followed me.
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