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Home Run

Spoken Vocal:
"I hope you're ready for a great afternoon of baseball here at Clifty Stadium because these guys are hungry for a victory today. Looking for that sweet deliverance. Are you ready? Play ball!"
The lights go on, another game day
I grabbed my bat and headed for the plate
But the first pitch was a curve, and I was done
I stepped out of the box, looked the pitcher in the eye
You could read his lips, he said, "Punk you're mine!"
So I gave him a wink and said, "Let's see what you can do"

Got to keep my eye on the ball
Swing straight and true and follow through
Don't be afraid whatever the call
Because we're never alone, our coach is there to cheer us on
Well it's the wind up (batter up, batter up), here comes the ball (batter up, batter up)
You got to pray and swing, watch it till it's going, going, it's gone
Oh, oh, oh home run
Oh, oh, oh home run

You know life can be like a baseball game
We're on the same team but we're not all the same
That's why we've got to learn to play together
I didn't join this team to sit on the bench
I'm going deep swinging for the fence
I've got some friends on base I've got to get home

Repeat Chorus

We are not the first to play this game or stand over this plate
We are surrounded by the legacy like they're sitting in the stands
I can see them waving their hands
Go, go all the way

Spoken Vocal:
"It's going, it's going, it's going, home run. It is outta here. That baby's gone."

Oh, oh, oh home run (we need a home run)
Oh, oh, oh home run (we need a home run)
Oh, oh, oh home run (get back, get back, oh it's gone - forget about that one)
Oh, oh, oh home run (aloha means goodbye)
Oh, oh, oh home run (I don't know what that pitch was, but it tastes like chicken)


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